JANE: The Company

Believe in a Hire Power™

JANE was founded by Dave, Ev and Jane to disrupt the recruitment industry that is predicated on profiteering placement rather than right fit.  We work for employers who wish to improve who and how they hire.  Our success speaks for itself with top brands from Toshiba to La Colombé using JANE to compete with a better talent strategy.

We pioneered Hiring-as-a-Service®:  HaaS

Hiring-as-a-Service® also known as Talent-as-a-Service™ or Recruitment-as-a-Service™ is a proprietary model for a full service hiring solution, which includes a hiring team, a best practices talent strategy, and a state-of-the-art hiring platform.

We help our clients increase their ROI (return-on-investment) in hiring.  That means, we believe that helping you seek the best people for a job is critical. Better hires make better companies.

What will you do with the time we save you?

With 1,000’s of engagements under our belt, the Jane team can also handle all the tedious aspects of hiring, freeing up valuable resources for owners and managers to focus on growing their core business (or beach-time in the Caribbean?).

Jane was founded in 2012 by a group of innovators in the recruiting industry.  Jane’s main office is located in Philadelphia, PA. Jane’s enterprise consulting arm is based in New York and headed by Dave Reiss. The Jane Enterprise Group brings the best hiring practices and policy implementation for our larger customers.


Jane transforms the way organizations hire and use technology.  We are a talented team of product designers, engineers, and hiring and HR professionals with 30+ years of experience in global HR consulting, hiring strategy, staffing, staffing technology, and the recruiting industry.