We Are Jane

Jane: The Company

Jane builds competitive advantages through a customized hiring process. We guarantee companies a cost-effective strategy that attracts and retains the finest talent in their industry.

As the spearhead for hiring-as-a-service™ solutions, Jane combines talent and innovative tools to help clients increase their hiring return-on-investment (ROI).  Better hires leads to better companies, and we believe that helping companies seek the best people for a job is critical. With 1,000’s of engagements under our belt, the Jane team can handle all of the tedious aspects of hiring, which frees up founders, owners, and managers time to focus on growing their small businesses.

Jane was founded in 2012 by a group of innovators in the recruiting industry. Our main office is located in Philadelphia, PA, while our enterprise consulting arm is based in New York and led by Dave Reiss. The Jane Enterprise Group brings the best hiring practices and policy implementation for our larger customers.

Team Jane

Jane transforms the way organizations hire and use technology.  We are a talented team of product designers, engineers, and hiring and HR professionals with 30+ years of experience in global HR consulting, hiring strategy, staffing, staffing technology, and the recruiting industry.