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    With Jane managing our hiring process, we’re able to quickly find, identify, and hire the right talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting resources.

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    How Jane works

    Attract the Right Candidates

    You get an experienced hiring specialist who writes up a compelling job ad and creates a recruiting plan that matches your timeline, budget, and the type of candidates you want to attract.

    Qualify & Score Candidates

    As candidates apply, your hiring specialist ranks them and qualifies them for you via phone screens and job-specific pre-employment assessments.

    Organize & Prepare Interviews

    Once you have your short-list, Jane can schedule in-person interviews for you, as well as equip your team with the right custom interview criteria and questions to ask.

    Reviews, Rounds & Rejections

    To keep things moving, Jane can compile interviewer feedback, follow up with candidates who you’re not moving forward with, and help with the hiring decision-making process.

    A Scalable & Transparent Process

    You have full visibility into the process through your own account in our intuitive software. This means that the hiring process we streamline for you and all the candidates who apply are yours, so you have a head start the next time you need to hire.