Company Culture is Key

JANE based out of Center City, Philadelphia and changing the landscape of recruiting. We help growing organizations efficiently & effectively recruit top talent while creating a positive candidate experience. We believe recruitment should be a collaborative process between the employer and job seeker to figure out whether or not the organization, position, and candidate are good fits for each other.

What it’s like to work at JANE?


You have a voice.

We work in an open and dynamic environment where our team is constantly brainstorming ways to optimize the hiring process and our clients’ hiring experience. You are the master of your own workload which also makes you the expert at what you do here.


You have a purpose.

Your success matters! We want to see each team member grow in a way that not only benefits the business, but also aligns with their interests and how they want to spread their own wings.

You can be YOU.

The best teams are diverse, and we value everyone being exactly who they are. After all, that is what us humans are inherently best at!

Team Ingredients


Our team is full of smart people who are always thinking about better and more impactful ways of doing things.


Hiring, recruiting, and HR can sound kind of boring or stressful, but we’ve figured out how to inject a little bit of life into these critical functions that affect everyone.


We need you to be as hungry as we are, because we’re looking to change an entire industry.

Check out our open positions

Please check back with us in the fall for open positions!