Cost of Hiring Calculator

Save 50 hours and $1000s on your next hire

We did the math for you.

Our hiring calculator, made just for you, gives a quick estimate on how much time and money you can save with Jane instead of DIY (doing it yourself) or using a recruiter.

The calculator also shows the potential costs of a making a bad hire, which can be massive. Factoring in opportunity cost, loss in productivity, time spent managing and fixing mistakes, and so on – you may easily be out hundreds of thousands just for making one wrong hire. Don’t take a risk on your hiring process – let us at Jane help you find, screen for, and choose the best possible candidate for your newest opening.

Our Google Sheet calculator is downloadable and customizable! If you’d like to play around with it yourself, just click the download link below. As you make changes to the salaries involved, you’ll see the costs associated change as well.

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With Jane managing our hiring process, we’re able to quickly find, identify, and hire the right talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting resources.

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