Ethics & Values

Make work work.

Work should be feel good.

JANE helps companies develop cultures that attract the right candidates to foster success.  JANE tries to identify work environments where talent may thrive to bring out the best in their abilities.  The goal is not just retention, but satisfaction.

Goodness is Greatness.

• Be the fairest hiring service in the world.
• Remove inherent biases
• Love our beautiful world, and preserve it for all creatures.
• Support Inclusion, Diversity.
• Make kindness a habit.
• Innovate and disrupt HR to bring efficiencies to the process.

Serve good companies not harmful ones

JANE will lead the way to only work with companies that never harm folks for the sake of profits. As such, we learn from leading organizations in order bring about systemic changes that are good.  We reserve the right to refuse to work with:

• Companies that create products that may directly harm people – eg. tobacco, defense.
• Services that put families in hardship.
• Organizations that damage our environment.
• Companies that unethically discriminate or are involved in promoting such biases.
• People that are involved in unethical practices.

HUMAN first in HR

Philanthropic Motto:

Empowering everyone to find good work.

Humans in HR

We live, work and coexist in a small world. JANE wants to make it better. JANE works with organizations that support workforce development in the following groups:

• Veterans
• At-risk youth
• Homeless

• Immigrants
• Age-discriminated workers
• People with disabilities

• Returning citizens
• The underprivileged