Culture-Driven Hiring

JANE helps Top Companies Hire for Culture

An organization’s culture shapes the attitudes and behaviors among their employees. With each hire they have an opportunity to enrich and fortify their culture, or detract from it.

Organizations often talk about hiring great fitting candidates without truly understanding what that means.

JANE helps organizations understand their culture and identify the shared attitudes and behaviors that are:

• Helping them achieve their strategic goals

• Hindering them from achieving their goals

• Mission critical but currently lacking

Case Study

How Toshiba hired for Culture

“JANE took the time to understand our business, recommending tools that supported our mission. We were particularly impressed with their proactive approach to solving problems.”

Tom Becker, EVP, Toshiba Business Solutions

JANE’s Culture-Driven Hiring Process:

1: Interview stakeholders and assess top, average, and below-average performers
2: Identify key attitudes and behaviors linked to top-performers
3: Create ideal candidate profiles
4: Design job marketing + candidate sourcing strategy around ideal candidate profiles
5: Assess and select candidates based on key attitudes and behaviors

How Do You Know If Your Organization Needs a Culture-Driven Hiring Solution?

• There is not a shared understanding of what hiring ‘great fitting talent’ means

• Hiring Managers show preference to hire people who are just like them

• The organization is entering a new stage which lacks certain attitudes and behaviors that would help them

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