Recruiting for Act 60 Companies in Puerto Rico

JANE helps Act 60 (formerly Act 20 & 22) companies source talent

At JANE, not only do we have a deep expertise in all things talent (attraction, sourcing, acquisition, retention, and management), but we also understand the benefits and intricacies of operating as an Act 60 (formerly Acts 20 and 22) business in Puerto Rico.*

With team members who live on the Island, in the United States, and around the globe; we have experience helping Act 60 firms navigate difficult decisions around:

  • Where to source talent from? Should we focus on the island, nationally within the US, or elsewhere?
  • What positions should be based in Puerto Rico?
  • What compensation and benefits should be offered, including relocation packages?
  • How do you sell people on moving to Puerto Rico?
  • What should the hiring process look like?
  • How can I find a main operator who can live on the island for 6-months per year?

*If you are considering relocating your business to Puerto Rico, check out this Guide to Income Tax in Puerto Rico.

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As a Partner at a venture capital firm, I’m constantly looking for talent for my portfolio companies. JANE is the first recruitment partner who was able to conduct a systematic search for positions across the experience spectrum in a myriad of industries.

Allison Kern, Partner, Morro Ventures

JANE’s Recruitment Process for Act 60 Companies

  1. Interview key stakeholders and assess business objectives, staffing goals, timelines, relocation requirements, and compensation
  2. Create staffing plan to support business objectives
  3. Create ideal candidate profiles for high priority positions
  4. Design job marketing + candidate sourcing strategy around ideal candidate profiles
  5. Design candidate assessment and selection process
  6. Implement and drive recruitment process to meet staffing goals and timelines
  7. Provide iterative feedback loop and KPI reporting to ensure success

The Jane 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

So, let’s say in the remotest of chances, you were not happy.  We will do our best to make you happy.  And if that did not work, you will receive a refund for the period of time you were unsatisfied.

No questions asked.  We are that confident.

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Our Act 60 Recruiting Consultants are on the way!

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