For a limited time, get $450 in Amex Gift Cards again & again.

It’s so simple.  Introduce.  Join Jane.  Feast.  Repeat.

When your client becomes a Jane customer*, you’ll magically receive a $300 Amex Gift Card.  You will also get $150 Amex Card to gift your wonderful client. Then, go to the world’s finest restaurant on us, and chat about Jane (or your favorite Caribbean holiday).

That’s just the icing on the cake.  We will make their life of hiring a joyous task, so simple and addictive that they will thank you for the introduction to Jane.

*Customers must be a paying Jane clients for 3 months in good standing to receive this offer.

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    My clients are busy people, so when they’re hiring, we tell them to use Jane.  We speak from experience because we used them for our last hire.

    Chris Van Buren Partner Embrook Benefits & HR Services

    Partner, Embrook Benefits & HR Services