Jane for Job Boards

Jane helps Job Boards significantly increase listing revenue.

PROBLEM: Over 82% of potential job board advertisers fail to post because:

  1. They are on a mobile device, which makes it difficult to create a posting.
  2. They don’t have time to write a job ad.
  3. They do not have the experience to write an ad that attracts the right talent.

ANSWER: Jane partners with reputable Job Board owners to significantly increase conversion and number of job postings by offering absolutely free, professional job ad writing services for customers.

HOW?  All you need to do is put a button or link on your website eg. No time? Need help? – (see example below) and link it to a mobile friendly page where our hiring specialists will help the customer pay for the ad, write the perfect listing and post it on your job board.

Jane for Job Boards exists to help employers post quality job ads, which improves the job board experience for both candidates and employers.

Did you know that:

  1. The main reason why an employer does not complete a job posting is because they do not have a complete job ad.
  2. The majority of employers who do not complete a job posting will never return to complete it.
  3. Most job ads that are posted on job boards are missing key information that would be helpful for job seekers to know about.

Jane solves these problems for your job board and employers by providing a free job ad writing service that can be accessed at key places on your site.


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