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“As a nonprofit, hiring was so time consuming.”

Executive Directors and Directors know how resource intensive the whole process of talent acquisition is for themselves and their teams. Jane hears this from almost every one of our nonprofits. Our solution: whenever a nonprofit needs to hire, give them a smart hiring specialist to do all the gruntwork, and a process that helps them make better hiring decisions. Funders love when directors focus their resources wisely, and are therefore big advocates of Jane.

JANE has both streamlined and simplified our hiring needs from start to finish. I highly recommend them to any organization who needs a high-touch, highly effectively partner for your hiring needs!

~ Donald Kamentz, Executive Director, Character Lab



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So, as a nonprofit that needs to hire, how awesome is Jane?

Job CreationJane creates a description that both describes and sells the position to the right candidatesDirector must decide what the position entails, what skills are required, and writes out description2 hrs
Recruitment PlanJane creates personalized recruitment plan sensitive to your time and budgetDirector appoints hiring team to oversee recruitment process or a hires a recruiter if team members are spread too thin3 hrs
Job PostingJane identifies and posts to best industry & university job sites to recruit talent for your organizationDirector posts on job boards and social media3 hrs
Processing Resumes and ApplicationsAll resumes are parsed and organized for reviewResumes are all over the place - in people's email accounts and various job board accounts3 hrs
Pre-screening CandidatesJane creates scorecard based on your organization's values and requirements to unbiasedly identify the best fitting candidates
Hiring team must determine the criteria that qualifies a person to move from a phone interview to a face to face interview10 hrs
Interviewing SchedulingJane is quipped to organize many people's busy schedulesDirector must juggle availability of each candidate with the availability of hiring team2 hrs
Interview QuestionsJane provides hiring team with questions and training to objectively identify a candidate's potentialMany popular interview questions do little to predict a candidates potential and often just reaffirm first impressions2 hrs
Scoring and Ranking CandidatesJane looks at all the factors that can identify success including checking referencesHiring decisions are often based on a gut decision - not based on clear - which leads to hiring success rates of less than 50%40+ hrs
Candidate Follow UpJane keeps in touch with candidates from the beginning, explaining the process, allowing them to see where they stand, and notifying them when a position has been filledMost candidates never hear anything from the organizations they've applied to, leaving them with a negative impression of your organization2 hrs
How much is your organization's brand worth to you?

*The Department of Labor estimates that a bad hire costs an organization at least one-third of their annualized salary

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