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At Jane, it is our mission to help our clients grow well by hiring and retaining great fitting talent. In support of our mission, we have built (and continue to develop) partnerships with likeminded organizations who are equally passionate about supporting the growth of great companies.

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HR Consulting & Outsourcing Partners

Comprehensive Screening Solutions (CSS)

CSS is an award-winning NAPBS accredited background screening firm. CSS serves employers from small business to fortune 500 companies across the United States. CSS provides employers with everything they need to ensure the security and accuracy of their hiring process.

JANE has integrated with CSS’ background screening platform to make it easy for growing businesses to order affordable, compliant, and reliable background checks and tests for their potential employees.


Humareso is a professional HR outsourcing (HRO) firm that partners with growing businesses who seek to remain compliant, culturally astute and profitably mobile. Humareso and JANE have teamed up to provide businesses with an affordable talent acquisition solution that integrates with Humareso’s HRO solutions, which includes:

  • Administrative HR management, such as new hire onboarding and orientation, handbooks, benefits administration, payroll, time and attendance, performance management, and regulatory compliance
  • Strategic HR services, which include workforce planning, talent management, executive coaching and leadership, succession planning, and custom training and performance management programs

Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy

Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy (PSPS) is a professional HR organization of 275+ (and growing) regional business leaders focused on driving execution and results through the alignment between business strategy and human capital.


PsyMetrics has developed a proprietary line of valid and reliable pre-employment assessments that are designed to forecast job performance and fit. PsyMetrics has an extensive HR testing library that multiple industries, functions, and job levels. Additionally, PsyMetrics has made it incredibly easy to create custom assessments.

JANE has integrated with PsyMetrics’ testing platform to help employers more accurately and efficiently assess incoming talent.

Select Human Resources

Select Human Resources, founded by Dr. Gary Dumais, helps companies reduce the cost of bad hires by:

  • Scientifically identifying what’s needed for success in a role
  • Implementing psychological assessments to measure if an internal (promotion) or external candidate has what is needed for success
  • Providing an in depth summary of candidates’ strengths, weaknesses, and level of fit for a role

Select Human Resources (SHR) has joined forces with JANE to provide growing companies with SHR’s candidate assessment expertise along with JANE’s scalable talent acquisition solution.


SymbianceHR, based in Delaware, is a Human Capital Management (HCM) consulting firm, which is dedicated to the success of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). SymbianceHR has partnered with JANE to provide SMBs with an affordable talent acquisition and HCM solution.

SymbianceHR provides HCM services in the following areas:

  • Talent acquisition: job analysis & job description development, behavioral interview training, offer letters, and orientation and on-boarding program design and development.
  • Talent retention and risk management: HR support program, customized consulting and training, career development

Throw Like a Woman

Throw Like a Woman – Consulting with Social Impact is a boutique firm that helps nonprofits and socially responsible businesses achieve their goals through strategic planning and partnerships, HR and project management, and cause marketing.

Throw Like a Woman has teamed up with JANE to deliver an efficient and mission-driven talent acquisition solution to nonprofits and social enterprises.


The Training Resources Group, a Sandler Sales training partner

The Training Resources Group (TRG) helps CEOs, Business Owners, Sales Managers, and Salespeople design and build effective sales organizations. JANE has partnered with TRG to help organizations define new sales roles, attract and assess the right sales talent, and ensure that new sales hires are deployed successfully.