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JANE + Sandler = High Performing Sales Hires

Hiring the right talent is an art and a science – similar to managing people and/or driving the sales process. Trying to manage the hiring process yourself can be a huge timesuck and major distraction from your other priorities. Hiring the wrong salesperson could cost your organization thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

Using recruiters is expensive and not very effective when they send you one resume after another. Working with the wrong recruiter can take up more of your time than if you did the search yourself.

That is why the Training Resource Group (TRG), a Philadelphia-based Sandler franchise, and JANE have teamed up to provide growing sales organizations with a holistic hiring and onboarding solution. For less than the cost of a typical search placement fee, TRG and JANE will not only help you attract, assess, and identify the right talent, but you can also rest assured that your new hires will receive the onboarding and training they’ll need to be successfully deployed during their first year.

How it works

You get a dedicated hiring team consisting of a Sandler sales consultant and a JANE hiring specialist who will:

Attract the Right Candidates

Your hiring team will help you define your ideal candidate profile, compensation plan, and draw up a compelling job ad and recruiting plan that matches your timeline, budget, and the type of candidates you want to attract.

Qualify & Score Candidates

As candidates apply / express interest, your dedicated hiring team will pre-screen candidates and administer predictive sales assessments and work samples.

Organize & Prepare Interviews

Once you have your short-list, JANE will coordinate your in-person/virtual interviews for you, and your Sandler sales consultant will equip your team with the right custom interview criteria and questions to ask.

Reviews, Rounds & Rejections

To keep things moving, your hiring team will compile interviewer feedback, follow up with candidates who you’re not moving forward with, and help with the hiring decision-making process.

Onboarding & Ramp up

So you’ve hired someone, now what?! Don’t worry, your Sandler sales consultant is there to implement and manage a 90-day onboarding process, and can even provide training to your new sales hires throughout their first year.

A Scalable & Transparent Process

You have full visibility into the process through your own account in our intuitive software. This means that the hiring process we streamline for you and all the candidates who apply are yours, so you have a head start the next time you need to hire.

Download a PDF to share with your team

TRG & JANE took the time to understand our business, recommending tools that supported our mission. We were particularly impressed with their proactive approach to solving problems.

EVP, Toshiba Business Solutions

Jane streamlines hiring for Toshiba Business Solutions

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