“JANE saved us $24k immediately, and HROI improved our hiring process. We now hire and retain better talent, while saving considerably.”


$ 3k
per hire (up to $50k salary)
Salary above $50k?
Easy: +$3k fee per additional $25k salary tier.
eg. $51k to $75k salary = (3k+3k) = $6k
Dedicated hiring specialist:
Manages hiring process
Writes a compelling job ad
Creates a job marketing plan
Posts to top national and niche job sites for you
Reviews and ranks all your candidates
Phone interviews candidates
Schedules your interviews
Manages all candidate correspondence
Also includes:
Setup and onboarding
Candidate management system
Integration with your website
Training and support

Always money back guarantee if you’re not pleased with our work.

Optional Add-ons

+ Premium paid job sites
+ Pre-employment assessments
+ Creation & admin of work sample exercises
+ Extended phone interviews for more complex or higher-level positions
+ Reference and background checks

Hiring for multiple positions?

Pay one set cost per month, and hire as many people for as many jobs as you need.

HROI Evaluation

$ 1k
3-Hour Consult
CEO / CFO / COO / HR Execs
Seasoned Advisor
Hiring Process Analysis
Organizational Dynamics
Talent Strategy Expert
Employer Brand Strength
Digital SWOT Footprint
Competition Intelligence
Critical Position Risk Diagnostics
Talent ROI
Culture Dynamics
Competitive Positions

Simple and transparent.

Much, much lower than recruiters.

Find better talent, with a better process.

Let’s make your hiring key to your success.

“JANE improved our Employer Brand, Hiring Process and overall Competitive Advantage in Talent Acquisition.”