Employer Branding

A Tale of Two Organizations

For some organizations, hiring is a giant pain in the you know what. They’re not getting enough qualified candidates to apply to their jobs. And when they do, candidates aren’t being responsive or showing up for interviews. Similarly, the candidates that do show up for interviews drop out of the process or turn down job offers.

Other organizations seem to have no problem attracting the right talent and hiring “rockstar” employees.

The difference?

Employer branding.

Employer Branding is Key

Every organization has an employer brand which falls into one of these categories:

  • Mystery Employer:  Candidates can find little information about this company as an employer, and assume it is not a stable employment environment. Have you ever purchased an item on Amazon without any reviews and/or pictures?
  • Job Seeker Beware: When candidates Google the employer, they quickly find negative employer reviews and see sites like RipoffReport.com in the search results.
  • Safety employer: Remember “safety schools” people apply to in case they don’t get into the colleges they really want? There are plenty of safety employers out there for candidates.
  • Best place to work: Then there are employers who have a well-defined employer brand. Their brand is designed to attract a specific group of candidates they want to hire. From career site to what their employees say about them works together to bring in great fitting talent.

Be a Best Place to Work

JANE HROI conducts a holistic branding approach to improve your employer brand and gain better talent:

  • Asks “Who are the candidates you want to hire?”
  • Analyzes the digital footprint and what employees say about your organization
  • Collaboratively strategizes to improve organizational issues that hurt your employer brand
  • Creates and develops your employer brand image, messaging, and content
  • Establishes and widely circulates your shared mission, vision, and values
  • Designs your hiring process to enhance and reinforce your employer brand

Companies that have implemented JANE’s employer branding solution have become highly desirable places to work while SIGNIFICANTLY reducing the cost to attract and acquire the right talent.

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