A Streamlined Hiring Process

Design Your Hiring Process for Success

A great hire can lead to exponential growth in productivity and revenue for your team.

A hiring mistake can cost your organization up to 15 times the hire’s annualized salary.

Growing organizations cannot afford the distractions and lost velocity by choosing a bad hire.

Hiring Doesn’t Have to Feel Like a Coin Flip

Low hiring success rates are typically symptoms of the following mistakes:

• Rushing to hire
• Using subjective or inconsistent screening methods
• No set screening standards
• Lack of interviewing skills
• Poor employer branding
• Hiring managers and interviewers left to their own devices

A structured and well-designed hiring process can more than double the likelihood of consistently identifying and hiring the right people.

JANE’s HROI & Process Consulting practice creates a solid foundation that helps your team avoid costly pitfalls and enhance their hiring capabilities.

Hiring Road Map

JANE’s HROI practice deep dives into your organization’s DNA and holistically develops your talent acquisition process by addressing the following areas:

1: Cultural analysis
2: Identifying ideal candidate profiles
3: Make an objective assessment and selection process
4: Improve employer branding
5: Train interviewers and hiring managers

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