JANE VR: Virtual Recruiting

Hiring virtually without missing a beat

Hiring people in-person is hard enough, but doing so virtually can be even more stressful – especially when your organization is not used to doing so.

However, at JANE, through our Virtual Recruiting (VR) solution, we’ve been able to help hundreds of organizations rapidly implement, manage, and run successful virtual hiring and recruiting processes since 2012. From experience, we know that with the right process and practices, culture and brand, supporting tech stack, and expertise; you can quickly adapt your organization’s capabilities to be able to attract, source, and select great talent virtually.

That is where JANE VR comes in.

With JANE VR, you get a Virtual Recruiting Expert who can help you:

  • Establish a tailored virtual recruiting process and supporting practices
  • Select, implement and/or integrate the appropriate HR, recruiting, and communication technologies
  • Effectively communicate your culture and employer brand digitally and throughout the hiring process
  • Managing your virtual recruiting process

Case Study

How virtual recruiting enabled Entangled to hire faster

“Easy service and system with GREAT results.”

Brian Quinn, Owner, BC Architects and Engineers

“JANE took the time to understand our business, recommending tools that supported our mission. We were particularly impressed with their proactive approach to solving problems.”

Tom Becker, EVP, Toshiba Business Solutions

“JANE has both streamlined and simplified our hiring needs from start to finish.”

Donald Kamentz, Executive Director, Character Lab

Be a great (virtual) hiring organization.

With JANE VR™, you are actually building your organization’s capacity and capabilities when it comes to being able to hire the right people when you need them.

A Personalized Experience

JANE’s Virtual Recruiting Experts learn about your organization, its culture, and cater to your individual preferences.

The virtual hiring processes we setup, enhance the candidate experience and ensure that candidates develop a deeper understanding of your brand and culture throughout the process.

As a result, you hire better fitting candidates AND enhance your employer brand through JANE VR™.

Setting up your virtual recruiting process

Talent planning and setup:

  • Understanding culture and values, and how that gets communicated digitally and throughout the virutal hiring process
  • Virtual hiring process design
  • Understanding growth goals and impact on hiring
  • Development of virtual hiring plan and roadmap


  • Selection and setup of appropriate HR, recruiting, and communication tech stack
  • Configuration of virtual hiring process within tech stack
  • Training

Virtual hiring process management

  • Creation of job ads
  • Digital marketing of jobs and candidate sourcing
  • Candidate review and shortlisting
  • Candidate qualification and pre-screening
  • Virtual interview scheduling and coordination
  • Candidate correspondence and dismissals
  • Talent pipeline curation and care

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Weekly and monthly metrics and reporting
  • Key insights
  • Recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Periodic updating of hiring plan and roadmap

Case Study

How JANE VR™ simplified hiring for this nonprofit

The Jane 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

So, let’s say in the remotest of chances, you were not happy.  We will do our best to make you happy.  And if that did not work, you will receive a refund for the period of time you were unsatisfied.

No questions asked.  We are that confident.

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