The Ultimate Hiring Checklist

The Ultimate Hiring Checklist

June 21, 2017 Strategy

The ultimate hiring checklist will keep you on the right track when it comes to hiring

So you need to hire someone – and pronto!

Maybe you’ve hired before, but it felt haphazard, disorganized. Maybe you didn’t plan out a process beforehand, and you suddenly found yourself with dozens of resumes, interviews that felt unsatisfying, and a hire that felt like it was based more on a coin toss than a deliberate and objective series of meaningful decisions. Maybe you also tried a recruiter in the past, but that turned out to be annoying, expensive, and a waste of time. Plus, why did it feel like you had so little control of a process that will impact your business so profoundly?

For all of the above — and many more reasons — we’ve compiled The Ultimate Hiring Checklist for you. It lays the foundation for an objective, rigorous, and well thought out hiring process, outlining everything you need to do to make sure your next hire is a great hire. It probably includes a thing or two you didn’t realize you should (or even could) do.

Ready to learn the foundation for a reliable hiring process? Just submit your first name and email, and it’ll be in your (virtual) hands faster than you can say “How do I hire?!”

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