What Jane Does

Everything you need to make good hires.

With Jane, you get a hiring process and platform that scales with your business. Plus, you’ll have a personal hiring specialist who gets you setup, can take hiring-related tasks off your plate, and sees to it that you’re successful.

Attract the Right Candidates

Jane’s first tasks are usually writing up an engaging job description, and creating a recruiting plan that matches your timeline, budget, and the type of candidates you want to attract.

Qualify & Score Candidates

As candidates apply, Jane ranks and scores candidates against the job, and can qualify them for you via phone screens, and job-specific pre-employment assessments.

Organize & Prepare Interviews

Once you have your short-list, Jane can schedule the in-person interviews for you, and equip your team with the right custom interview questions to ask.

Reviews, Rounds & Rejections

To keep things moving, Jane can compile interviewer feedback, follow up with candidates who you are not going forward with, and assist with background and reference checks.

How to task Jane with all your hiring needs?

Quick request via Web & Mobile

Send Jane requests & stay updated through our web software and via email; or carrier pigeon if you got ’em!

Call or text (844) HEY JANE
or (844) 439 5263

Once paired, you’ll get your hiring specialist’s direct line. From day one, you can reach out to him/her as much as your workload requires. 

Simple Video Chat

Google, Hangouts, Join.me, Skype, FaceTime.. which do you prefer? 

1.  Jane knows how to attract the right candidates.

Branded Career Portal

Candidates are able to apply through a fully-branded career portal that goes where you want it to go.

Perfectly Written Job Descriptions

Your hiring specialist has no patience for ho-hum job descriptions and can edit or write a new job description to attract the right types of candidates, while accurately describing the job and company culture. 

Posting Your Jobs

Jane is fully integrated with Indeed, the US.jobs network, and makes it easy to share jobs via social media.  Your hiring specialist can even take it one step further and identify the best industry and college & university job sites for you.

2.  Jane manages the entire interview process.

Interview Scheduling

Your hiring specialist can schedule interviews for you and your team.  Everyone gets an invitation, along with links to all the relevant information they’ll need for the interview.  

Interview Questions and Exercises

Your hiring specialist will meet with you and your team to create customized, non-leading, and scenario-based questions and exercises for your current and future interviews.

Interview Feedback and Scorecards

“What d’ya think?” That’s the question most managers and interviewers are asked after interviewing a candidate.  Instead of answers like “I liked her” or “I didn’t like him”, you can now collect insightful feedback simply by rating candidates on a common set of criteria through a shared scorecard.

3.  Jane verifies, qualifies, scores and ranks applicants.

Resumes Scored and Ranked for You – Automatically

The days of sifting through a pile of resumes are finally over!  Jane automatically scores and ranks candidates’ resumes against your job descriptions, so you can focus on the most qualified candidates.

Phone Interviews

Your hiring specialist will equip you with phone questions and scorecards to help you determine which candidates to bring in for in-person interviews.  Don’t have time for phone interviews?  Your hiring specialist will do them for you. 

Online Assessments

Quickly zero in on the best fitting candidates with Jane’s online pre-employment assessments.  Our assessments library includes cognitive, personality, and skill-based assessments developed by I/O psychologists who have put them through rigorous reliability and validation tests.

4.  Jane manages offers, rejections, and provides strategic insights.

Many managers think reference checks are a waste of time because candidates just give them positive references, and employers tend to rely on solely verifying dates of employment.

Jane offers a smart, conscientious (and most importantly) simple approach.

You pick the most relevant professional and personal references to hear from

You save time by allowing references to fill out an online reference check form for each candidate

You get the right reference check questions to ask

You get valuable insights that inform your hiring decisions