WP Job Portal Plugin

The easiest way to manage your jobs and your candidates

No need to pester your webmaster to keep updating your company’s careers page with new jobs. And say goodbye to “organizing” resumes as they land into your inbox. Our WP Job Portal Plugin integrates with your WordPress site, allowing you to showcase your jobs and entice the best possible candidates with a simple and easy application process. On top of that, you’ll be able to post jobs and organize all your candidate resumes in one place.

Life with WP Job Portal

A modern careers page that fits in neatly with your site’s theme and colors and allows candidates to easily apply online. Best of all, it gets automatically updated when you add or close jobs.
Organizing your resumes is now a piece of cake. If you’re a busy manager in the middle of hiring, you deserve all the simplicity you can get. All your candidate resumes and cover letters are organized by job in one place.
A cleaner inbox. No more pesky resumes invading your email at all hours of the night. With WP Job Portal, candidates can apply online, and you and your colleagues can review, star, and add notes to candidates by job.
No more bugging the IT guy. Instead of emailing the IT guy job descriptions to post on the website, or cluttering up everyone’s inbox with resumes, you’ll be able to invite everyone who needs access to post or edit a job, or review candidate resumes.

What WP Job Portal Looks Like


Clean & simple candidate experience

The list of job openings conforms to your WordPress theme (no tinkering necessary) and automatically updates itself when you add or close jobs.

Branded landing pages

Each job gets its own landing page that candidates are taken to when they click on the job title. From here, candidates can send their resume and cover letter off with just a couple clicks.


Resumes organized by job

Candidates are intuitively organized based on the job they applied to, so you’ll never lose track of one again. And a quick glance lets the hiring manager know how their numbers are looking.

Manage and rate candidates

Once candidates start applying, you’ll be able to check out their resumes, rate them, and leave a note about anything you don’t want to forget.