Writing the perfect job ad

Writing the perfect job ad

July 10, 2017 Job Marketing, Strategy

Writing the Perfect Job Ad Blog Post

The foundation of every hiring process begins with identifying your organization’s needs. Not just that moment when you realize there’s enough work to drown in and you need to hire ASAP, but after that when you sit down and explore what the ideal person should bring through the door and what you can offer them in return. Now, after writing an almost 3-page job description of the perfect hire, it’s time to cut that job description down into the perfect job ad.

Why a job advertisement instead of posting an entire job description? Essentially, job seekers are consumers. They’re shopping around for their next professional move, and like any consumer, they are considering the copy that you choose to display in your job advertisement. Moreover, like any advertisements, the longer the description, the less likely people are to read the entire thing. In some instances, the length of your copy can even deter someone from wanting to give it a read. Your job is one option in a sea of other options, and candidates are moving swiftly through those options. So keep your audience engaged, and cut down the details that aren’t needed in the initial interaction.

Here are some ways to transform your job description into an eye-catching job advertisement that will definitely pull in the right candidates for you:

1. Make Sure Your Job Title is Searchable

We’ve all heard the idea that writing a quirky job description will pull candidates in and make your advertisement stand out. However, the issue with standing out nowadays is that that doesn’t work very well with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Keep in mind that you want your position to be easily accessible in search results, so a good practice would be to hop onto a popular job site like Indeed.com and see what kinds of positions pop up when you type your title into the search bar. If you’re set on using a title like “Creative Alchemist,” make sure to include the standard position title as much as possible in the body of your job advertisement. In other words, try to indicate clearly what it is that the candidate will be responsible for in your title for higher “clickability.”

2. Grab the Candidate’s Attention with an Enticing Opening

The perfect job ad will have a line or two in the beginning dedicated to grabbing the reader’s attention. To do that within a job ad, include some reflective questions for the candidate to ponder about their wants and needs– “Are you looking for an opportunity to work with a company that values personal growth?” Writing a job ad with an opening line like that will really have a candidate thinking about what their current situation is like, and how your company can make it better. Cater the opener to the benefit of the position and company!

3. Keep the Company Bio Brief and Focus on Company Culture

When including details about your company, one thing you don’t have to do is include the entire bio from your web page — that’s why you have a website! Let the candidate be responsible for a little digging into your company’s story and show you how interested they are in being a part of it. Focus on the company’s culture, perks, and how you show you value your team. Any training offered, or regular group outings? The perfect job ad will make you stand out and make candidates want to be a part of the squad. And don’t forget growth! Candidates like to hear that a company is expanding because it shows them that they also have the opportunity for growth. Many people have been in situations where they join a company that seems to be in a great place, only to be laid off a few months later.

4. Include Pertinent Responsibilities and Requirements

Job responsibilities and requirements are important to include when writing your job description, but be careful about your length within a job ad.  Some responsibilities and requirements are related and can be included in one bullet instead of multiple bullet points. Once you’ve cut down on your company bio, you’ll notice you have a lot more room in the body of your job description. Use this space to include a short summary of the job, and be sure to include some key responsibilities to help you cut down on your bullet points. A more lengthy job description with candid lists and details can always be provided to the candidate during later steps of the hiring process, but the perfect job ad is more short and sweet.

5. Try To Be Candid About Compensation (Not Lengthy)

Be as honest as possible about compensation because candidates really do appreciate the honesty. It helps them make their decision on if they’d even like to pursue the opportunity. What you don’t want is to have a person apply and interview for a position, just to turn it down because of the compensation piece. Both parties’ time has been wasted, and you still have no hire! Include what you can about salary and be sure to list if there are benefits, retirement plans, or any other perks with the position at-hand.

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